Data Ethics Conversations (Feb-Mar 2021)

In September of 2020 we started publishing a new format of content. We would livestream a conversation with a guest speaker who would share their story and experiences and usually covering an aspect of the data ethics spectrum. The response was quite positive and in February of 2021 we booted up a weekly drop of these conversations and we recently concluded the March series detailing the stories of five women for International Women’s Month to more positive response. Here we share the highlights of the Sep, Feb and March batch in anticipation of future conversations to come.

Wilson Chua: Contact Tracing and Graph Algorithms

We discussed the principles of graph theory with Wilson and its application to COVID-19 contact tracing. View the replay here.

Bash Yumol: Technology for the People

We learned about Bash’s life as a data activist and the various data issues facing society today. View the replay here.

Xavier Puspus: Bias in Machine Learning Models

Xavier took us through the concepts of data bias and discrimination, how to detect and measure them, and possible ways of mitigating them. View the replay here.

Vincent Bongolan, Joseph Rivera, Albert Gavino: Inclusive Data Science

Vincent discussed roadblocks to data science adoption in companies, Joseph takes us through his views on why the academia struggles with data science subjects, and Albert discussed various industry trends related to AI and the data community. View the replay here.

Ben Teehankee: Professionalizing Data

Prof. Teehankee takes us through his work in workplace ethics and implications to the data practice. View the replay here.

Lei Motilla: Building a GovTech Startup – AI4GOV

Lei is a former public servant turned entrepreneur and shares how startups can thrive in the public sector. View the replay here.

Cat Cortes: The Open Data Charter

Cat shares the ODC’s work in championing open data amongst global governments and principles behind its adoption. View the replay here.

Valerie dela Cruz: Math and Playing the Long Game

Valerie’s international banking career started with humble beginnings and she shares how her love for math and perseverance brought her to where she is today. View the replay here.

Cara Wilson: FTW – Breaking Stereotypes

We talked to Cara about how she and her co-founders crafted FTW’s mission to train women in data science and the obstacles to be overcome in gender diversity in the workplace. View the replay here.

Michelle Alarcon: Pressures and Passion of a Career in Data

Michelle’s career in data is rooted in passion and perseverance, and she shares how she overcame workplace challenges to do what she loves. View the replay here.