Independent Data Analysis of COVID-19

Social Problems such as COVID-19 are also data problems. In the Philippines, daily updates on the ongoing pandemic are provided by the Department of Health via daily situationers and data drops. Several independent parties and individuals have also joined the effort to provide public analysis and insight on the COVID statistics.

Andrei Diamante is an analyst based in Melbourne who started publishing coronavirus Tableau Dashboards in March in response to the shortage of information at the time. Some of his dashboards include global comparisons of case counts and fatality rates, Urban Density and Airline Volume analysis, and correlations of COVID with various factors such as country GDP and testing rates.


Mikko Gozalo is Chief Data Scientist for a Hong Kong based startup. As the pandemic started to spread he and his siblings started a coronavirus website. Apart from global data comparisons the Gozalo site also features data on testing and reporting latency of COVID deaths and recoveries.


Edson Guido publishes daily COVID updates on his Twitter account. Edson actively tracks regional COVID trends as well as positiviy rates and ICU Bed Occupancy.


Supported by the Philippine Society for Public Health Professionals (PSPHP), the LEADS For Health Security and Resiliency (L4H) publishes a dashboard featuring epidemic indicators by Dr. Peter Cayton, Jan Gil Sarmiento, Robert Leong and Dominic Ligot such as Time Varying R (Rt), Case Fatality Rates (CFR), as well as doubling times and growth rates.


L4H also features CO-INFORM, a pandemic risk-scoring system by Dr. Mike Promentilla, Dr. Jomar Rabajante, Dr. Gelo Apostol, April Anne Tigue, and Dominic Ligot. CO-INFORM combines COVID data, demographic, and public sector data to rank regions, provinces, and cities by hazard, vulnerability, and resiliency.


L4H is featured as part of a larger body of work: EndcovPH, by the UP Resilience Institute and the UP Pandemic Response Team. The EndcovPH website is a consolidation of the COVID work of UP academics and scientists led by Dr. Ted Herbosa and Dr. Mahar Lagmay.


EndcovPH is a rich repository of COVID data and indicators including projections by Dr. Jomar Rabajante and UPLB Biomathematics Initiative, Dr. Peter Cayton’s statistics compendia, LGU quick counts, medical supply tracking, and international COVID data comparisons contributed by Dr. Darwin Bandoy from UC Davies.


The Coronatracker started monitoring COVID as early as January when the first cases started being reported outside Wuhan, China. Coronatracker is a global collaboration led by Dr. Lau Cher Han of Lead.IO and supported by Cirrolytix, SEA and PH-based teams.


Apart from global case counts, Coronatracker also features COVID news feeds, flight restrictions, and general COVID information sourced from vetted channels such as WHO, CDC, and JHU. In March, the Coronatracker was recognized and published in the WHO Bulletin.


Do you know of other independent COVID data analysis we can feature?