Bangsamoro Data Challenge

The Bangsamoro Data Challenge was announced during the Inaugural Data Ethics Meetup on November 2019 inviting data analysts, data scientists, application developers, students, and faculty to pitch in their ideas for social good through data and technology on the Open Bangsamoro datasets.

Open Bangsamoro was a collaborative initiative of The Asia FoundationUK FCO, and the Regional Government of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao as part of the preparation for the transition to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). Open Bangsamoro contains data, maps, and other information relevant to the transition and is open to the public.

Four awards were handed out during the pitch night:

  • Best Use of Bangsamoro Data – the submission that best shows the value of Open Data within BARMM and makes information accessible to stakeholders
  • Best Use of Data Science – the submission that illustrates the best and most valid use of data analysis, and/or visualization, and/or predictive modeling towards a socially impactful solution
  • Most Relevant to BARMM – the submission with the most potential to contribute to the success of BARMM
  • Most Practical Solution – the submission with the most plausible concept and design

A total of sixteen (16) abstracts were submitted, of which eleven (11) finalists were selected to participate in the final pitch night and eight (8) confirmed their attendance. Three (3) teams won the pitch night competition.

The following were the winners of the pitch night:


Most Relevant to BARMM, Best Use of Bangsamoro Data

  • Amistad and Dela Cruz, Dashboard, Overcome Development Challenges through Visualization Dashboards


Best Use of Data Science

  • Yumol, Osorio, Ong, Daos, Presentation, Barriers to Education: Identifying key indicators to improve student retention in BARMM


Most Practical Solution

  • Puspus, Dashboard, EARTHQUAKE-AT-ARMMs: Exposing Earthquake- and Tsunami-Prone Areas in ARMM

The following were the other finalists on pitch night:


  • Jairus, Reyes, Javier, Dashboard, Infrastructure and Geospatial Data


  • Tasico, Payumo, Garcia, Garcia, Presentation, Tidjara Ta: Bangsamoro Barter App

Three teams from LPU Laguna were also finalists:


  • Arcemo, Quimio, Robles, Tolentino, Presentation, Exploring Kappaphycus alvarezii (Tambalang) and Eucheuma denticulatum (Guso) Properties as Sources for Bioplastic Production: Economical and Environmental Benefits for the People of BARMM
  • Caday, Diez, Dimayuga, Dona, Presentation, Rubber from Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) as a Strengthening Agent for Road Reconstruction in Bangsamoro
  • Tomas, Roxas, Lanticse, Tolentino, Presentation, Copra Meal: As an Alternative Feeds for Fishery

The event was judged by an esteemed panel of Data Science, Analytics, Humanitarian, and Bangsamoro experts. :


  • Allan de Venecia, Development Academy of the Philippines
  • Reina Reyes, PhD, AC Analytics
  • Michelle Alarcon, Analytics Association of the Philippines, Z-Lift Solutions
  • Nick Brown, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Philippines
  • Noor Saade, Institute of Bangsamoro Studies
  • Bong Montesa, Bangsamoro Transition Authority